👋 Hi, I'm Dylan Tanaka...Founder Of The Hybrid Mastermind & Your Trainer For The Hybrid Academy

This academy exists to teach real estate investors and real estate agents How To Become Hybrid Agents.  A Hybrid Agent works as an investor and agent so they can take advantage of all real estate opportunities they are faced with.

💰 You Are Probably Leaving $10,000+ Every Year On The Table

Rather than telling people in your life that you will not help them as an agent because you're more of an investor; we'll share with you how you can help them with little or no time involvement and still make a commission as an agent.

The Hybrid Academy Is A 6 Week Master Class

This is a 6 Week Master Class where you'll learn the step-by-step blueprint on how to become a Hybrid Investor Agent and STOP throwing away opportunities.

Module 1


Module 2


Module 3


Module 4


Module 5


Module 6


What My Students Are Saying...

Learning the action steps needed to Launch, Build & KEEP relationships is a big part of what you'll walk away with from The HYBRID Agent Academy. 

"Once I realized that I'm a Hybrid Investor Agent it opened up my eyes to dozens of deals a year that I used to be blind to"

Jeffrey Shipp

After going through The Hybrid Academy I've decided to get my real estate license and invest in real estate...WEPA!!!

Roberto Rivera

I am happy to have joined such a wonderful team of Real Estate agents. Grateful to my mentor who has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding this business.

Yvonne Mikula

🥳 Finally There's An Answer!

The line between real estate investor and real estate agent has become blurred.  If you're an investor people think that you're an agent.  If you're an agent you'll inevitably work with investors or invest yourself.  Rather than walk away from those opportunities as a HYBRID Investor Agent...The Academy shows you how to make more money on practically every opportunity you see.

Attention Academy Graduates: Or If You Already Consider Yourself HYBRID Agent

You May Be A Good Fit For The Hybrid Mastermind

Build A Business You Love...
Attract More Clients & Deals...
Build & Manage A Real Business...
Eliminate The Guesswork & Achieve More
Tap Into Collective Knowledge & Experience
Become Infinitely Better At Running Your Business

FAQ's About The Academy

The world of real estate investing and real estate agents is very wide.  The HYBRID Academy will simplify exactly how to become A HYBRID Agent regardless of what you've previously heard.  HYBRID Investor Agents are the future of real estate.

Do I Have To Have My License To Be In The Academy?

Absolutely not!  You are welcome if you are brand new, already doing business or a long term veteran.

If I Have My License Can I Still Join?

Yes, if you have your license you are welcome to join.  It doesn't matter what brokerage you're with.  All we ask is that you come in with an open mind.  You may also want to check out The Hybrid Mastermind.

Does It Matter If I'm Brand New To Real Estate?

We love new investors and agents.  Everyone starts somewhere!  Simply fill out the application and you'll find out quickly if you're a good fit.

What If I'm An Agent And My Broker Doesn't Allow Investing?

That's ok, if you have your license you probably work for a broker.  You must follow their rules if you hang your licenses with them.  BUT...there's nothing wrong with learning.

Where Do I Go To Learn How To Get My Real Estate License In My State?

We cover this in detail in Module 1.  We have access to every state's requirements PLUS we're partnered with the largest online real estate school in the nation.  As a graduate of the academy you'll qualify for a special discount.

What IF I'm Already A Successful Investor, Is Becoming A HYBRID Agent RIght For Me?

The answer to that question lies within you.  Inside The Academy you'll learn how to take advantage of certain opportunities that can add tens of thousands to your bottom line every year...you're probably throwing them away right now!

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